CENFROCAFECajamarca, Peru


“We are grateful to the consumers who purchase Fair Trade and the support they have given us because with Fair Trade we are improving our quality of life - we can invest in our homes, health and future. Education is finally a possibility for us.”

– Elemer Pena, Sales Manager CENFROCAFE


Elevation1300-2000 m
VarietiesBourbon, Typica, Caturra.
ProcessingFully Washed and Sun Dried On-Site 6-Harvest Season: October – February ??
Certification AgencyOrganic. FLO.
Grower Bio

CENFROCAFE is one of the strongest cooperatives in Peru, both in terms of volume and quality. They are committed to their members and have many initiatives in place to support them.

In 2006 the cooperative began to offer a loan program directed at supporting its members in case of unforeseen financial situations and challenging harvest seasons. Additionally, capacity investment projects aim to help producers better manage their land and coffee plants. Often, the producers will need loans to invest in some of the tools needed to maintain their plants pre and post-harvest season which they learn about in trainings the cooperative offers.

The cooperative has decided to use 30 percent of their Fair Trade premiums to fund a microcredit program which is to be used to finance the cost of health care bills and doctor visits. Many producers can’t afford funeral fees and therefore are not only emotionally distraught, but also financially burdened when a family member passes away. To amend this situation, the cooperative offers money to members to help pay for their expenses.

FLO Cert.


Org Certification