ASOPEPPlanadas-Tolima, Colombia


Established 2013
Elevation1650 - 2100m
VarietiesCaturra, Colombia, Typica, Castillo
ProcessingFermentation washed on farms.
Main CropMay - August ; October - February
Certification AgencyFair Trade. Organic.
Grower Bio

La Asociación de Productores Ecológicos de Planadas (ASOPEP) is based in the town of Planadas. A thriving coffee region in Colombia that is relatively new to the coffee market. The region boasts warm days, cool nights and healthy young trees, this along with the farmer’s attention to detail in cultivation, harvesting and processing, creates an amazing cup of high-grade coffee.

The cooperative’s mission is “To be known as an association that creates opportunities for the personal growth of its members, protects the environment, innovates in commercial business processes and is always in the vanguard of specialty coffee producers worldwide.”


Org. Certification