SCFCUDara, Ethiopia


Since the organization Asprosucre gained the Fair Trade seal, the organization has been able to intervene in the coffee production of its members, allowing for more fair conditions with regards to price and weight in the purchase of coffee.

--- Alcides Martinez


Elevation1180 m
VarietiesArabica - Heirloom
ProcessingWashed and Natural Process (unwashed)
Harvest SeasonSeptember - December
Certification AgencyOrganic, FLO
Grower Bio

The Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU) was formed in 2001 as an association of 39 member cooperatives located throughout the Sidama zone of southern Ethiopia. Nearly all coffee produced by co-op members is shade-grown in low densities under the canopies of indigenous trees and enset (false banana), a staple food crop. Fair Trade Certified by Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) since 2003, SCFCU serves to develop producer-buyer relations and export the members' extraordinarily high-quality coffee directly to the international market.

The Fair Trade premium has enabled Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union to establish various social and productive programs. The association gives scholarships to hundreds of members’ children and funded three new buildings for local elementary schools. They have also provided training to farmers to maintain and expand organic certified coffee production and have built new roads in their communities, constructed warehouses and installed electricity. The SCFCU provides professional training to all managers and machine operators to develop their skills for processing quality products. Training is also provided to improve quality control, and inspectors assigned to each region supervise all stages of the production process. Member co-ops purchased Ecologic Coffee Pulpery, which allows members to control more of the production process. SCFCU offers credit to members which allows farmers stability during the off season.


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